Frequently Asked Questions

What is Anma?

Anma is an ancient style of Japanese massage typically using no oils or lotions with the exception of the face and feet during Kobido and Sokushindo sessions. It is a “dry” massage which can easily be performed over clothing giving the practitioner the ability to give massage anywhere and anytime. Combined with Seitai bone alignment, the modality focuses on movement of the body. Increasing mobility increases circulation, nervous system health, chi flow, and reduces and relieves pain. My grandmaster would say, “You want the spine flowing like a dragon.”  Read more.

How is Anma different than other types of massage?

Dating back thousands of years, many styles of massage can trace origins back to Anma, including Shiatsu and Swedish. It can be performed with or without clothing. Instead of using oils and lotions to glide across the tissue, Anma utilizes 9 core techniques to stroke, knead, mobilize, and apply pressure, vibrations, and percussions. The main kneading technique sometimes resembles kneading dough. The result can be compared to stretching taffy, loosening the muscles while the body gently rocks back and forth.

Many massage styles are wonderful for loosening tissue and giving a ethereal relaxation, while Anma is focused on improving structural movement and chi flow.

Who should receive Anma?

Anma is beneficial for almost everyone. If you want a healthier body, Anma will make a positive difference for you. The ideal candidate for Anma is someone who is experiencing pain or lack of mobility, or someone who wishes to maintain optimal structural health. This is not a “buff & shine” massage as one of my teachers refers to the relaxing spa experience. In Japan, Anma is considered a medical massage for it’s ability to affect a myriad of conditions. You will experience your body in a whole new way. Anma is appropriate for:

    • Migraines and tension headaches
    • Athletes and office workers
    • Hip and leg imbalances
    • TMJ, carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, and rotator cuff injuries
    • Scoliosis and lordosis
    • Depression, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic fatigue
    • A multitude of injuries and head trauma
    • Arthritis and disc degeneration
    • Improving immune system function

“If you want your DNA rearranged, come see an Anma therapist.” ~Shogo Mochizuki

What should I wear?

Anma can be performed over clothing. If you prefer to wear clothing during your massage, please wear comfortable cotton blends. Yoga shorts/pants, cotton t-shirts, sports bras, and sweatpants are all good choices. If you prefer to disrobe, please leave your briefs on.

If I go on vacation, how will my membership be affected?

Vacation and business trips typically will not affect your membership benefits. If you are currently scheduling appointments every two weeks for 25% off and you go on holiday for a month, simply pick  up your normal schedule when you return. I will happily honor your membership rate.

 Anything else you wish to know? Please post a comment below.

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