Preparing for Anma

  • Mountain PoseBe sure to drink a sufficient amount of water the day of a massage.  Do Not overdue it.  It is important to stay hydrated, however it is a myth that you need to drink extra water before or after a massage. Listen to your body. Drink when you’re thirsty. **
  • Avoid alcohol the day of a massage.  Your last cup of coffee before a massage should be at least two hours before.
  • A hot shower before a massage will help relax the muscles.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing.  Anma can be performed over clothing.  If you prefer clothing optional, I recommend a comfortable pair of shorts or boxers.  Some of the stretches, if needed, negate any benefits of appropriate draping.
  • Do not drive long distances immediately after an anma massage.  Sit and have some tea before beginning any activity that requires focus or is strenuous.
  • Take at least 15 minutes after the massage to allow yourself to “get back into your body.”  This can be an intense experience for some. Prepare to spend 2 hours at my studio for initial consultation and post debrief and post-massage ergonomic lessons to extend the benefits of the massage.
  • Eat well and always take care of yourself.  Enjoy your Anma massage.

Precautions to Receiving Anma

Anma will not be applied in the following situations:

    • Fever or fainting spells
    • Contagious illness
    • Recent injury or surgery
    • Skin infections
    • No alcohol or pain mediation
    • Cancer or Leukemia (must have explicit written acknowledgement from your physician)

More frequently asked questions.




** The Urban Myth of Drinking 8 Glasses of Water

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