The highlight of my week!

~ Stephanie H

Eric’s work is structural, creating physical changes in posture and alignment that you can feel after the session. In this way, the Anma massage has effects that last far longer than a typical tissue massage. After one session my lower back alignment was adjusted in a way that I have been unable to remedy for years. Highly recommended!

~ Catherine D

Prior to seeing Eric I suffered from frequent and often times very painful headaches. I have received many massages in the past and none have seemed to made a difference with my headaches. Not only are the massages extremely relaxing, but since seeing Eric I have had a 99% reduction in the amount of headaches I get! I am truly grateful for finding this peace-inducing treatment modality. I cannot recommend Eric enough.

~ Leonard N

Eric and I worked together for about a year. He continues to practice and hone his healing and body work technique. He brings a high level of listening, attention to detail and caring to the work that he does with his clients. His innate interest in making a difference and passion for contribution make him really good at what he does. I would recommend his work to anyone.

~Matt E

Eric is one of the most skillful massage practitioners that I have ever encountered. He has a great touch and is able to apply a mind blowing array of cool Japanese techniques. Not only that, he is a joy to work with because he has such a fun, laid back demeanor.

~ Sam K

Eric is an accomplished practitioner of Japanese massage and an experienced corporate trainer.  He has been studying massage since 1985 and teaching Japanese bodywork since 1997.  During various training stints at Aveda and EarthLink, Eric was renowned for turning otherwise mundane material into a truly memorable “hands-on” event

~ David Palmer,
“the father of contemporary chair massage.”

I am amazed at how energized and balanced I felt after my first Japanese Anma Massage! Eric is kind, and fun, and really knows his stuff. Thank you! 🙂

~Kathy R.

After an hour of Japanese Anma I feel like a completely new person.

~ John F

Eric is amazing! I came to him because I had pain in my upper back that wouldn’t go away with regular acupuncture treatments. He accommodated my student/ part-time work budget, and my schedule and I got several treatments from him. The results were immediate. I left his studio with noticeably better posture, shoulders totally relaxed, diminished pain in my back and he advised me on how to retrain my muscles to relax. It was a great experience, he answered all of my questions and was very professional and it was a fun!

~Jennifer A

After careful consultation about my health concerns, Eric performed skillful Japanese massage, focusing in on problem areas resulting in over all improved health and vitality.

~Cheryl S

Eric is a talented and gifted massage therapist. He helped me to recover from a serious neck sprain through therapeutic massage. He has an amazing skill and is a great resource for learning tips and tricks on how to heal yourself from discomfort.

Priya K

Eric is an extremely professional individual with a passion for what he does.  There are very few people who possess the attributes that Eric has.

~ Linda and Carol
Tu Salon

As the owner and operator of a massage therapy business, Eric holds his business to the same standards of a good massage. He is trustworthy, fully present in his work, engaged with his customers and colleagues, committed to open transparent relationships, and operates from the highest ethical standards. You are in good hands with Eric!


Eric is one of those special people who really loves what he does and cares about the service he provides. He is always reliable and good at what he does … amazing massage.

~Randy S

I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from Eric’s very beneficial therapeutic massages over the several years that I have known him. He is very knowledgeable and skilled, and I would recommend him highly to anyone interested in improving general health or with specific back or muscle problems.

~Bob F

I look forward to seeing him once a week.

~Donna G



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